Simple, easy and transparent with no hidden fees. Our compensation package is geared to maximize the economic benefits to you. Achieve greater success faster, only at Realty ONE Group.

You Win At ONE!


$495 for the first $100K, $600 on $100K+ – $250K, $200 per every $200k there after, with a low cap*.

A low monthly fee gives you access to all the tools, systems, support, office, and coolture.
Then, you pay as you produce with a very competitive low fee per transaction*.

*See ICA for details

More than a check, this is about winning!

We have created an interactive tool for you to see how much money you are leaving behind in each transaction.

You deserve to have it all. More money, more time, more tools, more support and more WOW from your brand. At Realty ONE Group, our YOU-first focus means you get all of it and you could keep more money. How much more? Let us show you.

Legal Disclaimer: Realty ONE Group is committed to providing services and commissions that enhance the careers of our business professionals. Please note that the information and figures presented in this document are hypothetical and intended for educational purposes. Figures may vary by location and are subject to change. Realty ONE Group is not making any claims or guarantees as to income you may earn. Please do not assume that you will earn the income figures depicted herein. Contact your nearest Realty ONE Group office for further information.

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Tiana Lacombe

Realty ONE Group Professional

I chose Realty ONE Group Compass because I was looking for a new community of people to be part of, that was driven and motivated. Which I got. But the reason I’ve stayed is because of the support and commitment to education that came along with that. Learning and growing are built into my business plan, and Realty ONE Group Compass gave me all the tools I needed to succeed!

Melissa Greenwood

Realty ONE Group Professional

Joining Realty ONE Group Compass was life-changing for me! The support, training, technology, and commission structure allowed me to grow my business to a point where I finally have my life back! I now feel in control of and confident in my future. Realty ONE Group Compass will give you the tools to take your business to the next level!

James Jordan

Realty ONE Group Professional

When I first started in real estate I wasn’t getting what I felt I needed to really be successful in my career. I met with Steve, sat in on a training session with Pressley, and chatted with a few of the agents that were there in the office. I knew immediately that Realty ONE Group Compass was where I not only wanted to be but where I needed to be. The training we have is phenomenal and our tight-knit brokerage is not only a support system for one another, we’re friends and family! Something that I’ve missed and longed for since retiring from the US Army.

Pressley Lawrence

Realty ONE Group Professional

Realty ONE Group Compass has changed my life forever. It sounds like such a cliche thing to say, however, I truly do not know how else to say it! I have been in this industry my entire adult career, and I never have felt so supported and motivated to show up every day, as I do now with this great company! Between the support with Realty ONE Group Corporate, and in-house leadership there is never a question that goes unanswered, however, the support does not stop there! Each and every one of the real estate agents in this company is so willing to help and collaborate with one another to make each other better! These people are my second family, and I could not be happier!

Zach Blair

Realty ONE Group Professional

Realty ONE Group Compass is more than a Real Estate Agency, it’s a home with a family that welcomes all. They have the best support and most importantly the COOLTURE, This is what makes me get up in the morning.

Joel Turgo

Realty ONE Group Professional

I chose Realty ONE Group because of Steven’s fresh, new approach to real estate. When most other franchise agencies seemed replicated, Realty ONE Group sought to be the ONE agency to break the mold, beginning with the 100% commission structure! The freedom to think outside the box when practicing real estate is encouraged, and new ideas are shared with others to help them be successful! They want to grow their brand by encouraging you to grow yours, so together we all grow as ONE. Realty ONE Group is a straightforward, down-to-earth agency that fits my personality perfectly!


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